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You`re right..I Was Merried 
on May,20 1996  with a 
beutiful girl name 
Elvina Rosani
`n now I have two childrens 
boy `n girl  (thanks God..) names
Michella Rizquita Syaw 
born in Banjarmasin Feb,28 1997 and 
Davi Addin Novario 
born in Bandung Aug,22 1998
We`re Happy family `n love
to play music (keyboard `n guitar) 
and sing `Karaoke` song
So..We wanna be friends of yours
This foto taken from 
`SharkStone` Pangandaran Beach 
in West Java 1998...
That`s me`n my lovely daughter



`next foto  My lovely wife Vina,   some of her friend and family call her Dewi   somehow I think she`s look as beutiful as our daughter,   especially in her traditional dress.



`n the other foto  is My daughter  We call her  `Cece` she pretty in her 10 month`s? Below is My "Tiger" foto, Davi. We call him "tak-tak" (actually we don't know the meaning of it)  I`m so in love with them very much...



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