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Diksif    VII             The    `X`    Project

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Here we are `The X Project`...Founded by August 1997. We are the college degree for Marketing Management which recomended by Padjajaran University Bandung Indonesia that cooperated with Indonesia Postal Company Educating and Training Center. Our Major program provide Marketing Management, Marketing Communication, Service Marketing, Postal Marketing, and others, based on regularly studies in Business Management, Faculty of Economy We take a lot more time to learn and train for to be 'Marketing Specialist'... Even under preasure...we have and won many awards from internal or external for our activity like sports, arts, speech, and paperfair contest. This page dedicated to the 30th members of 'X Project' which called Diksif VII in it`s formal name and our favorite teacher in Marketing Management : Mrs. Poppy Rufaidah MBA and Prof Philip Kotler. Whom have made us better.. For the first time, the `X` mean 'Experiment' project of Indonesia Postal Company ...By now it`s mean the 'Exellence' People in Marketing Consultant especially on Indonesia Postal Service. Now we`re seperated to many place in Indonesia, for get realty life of Marketing